They say that good things in life are hard to find. But how hard can it be to find the magic in Milkman? Our goodness is everywhere – in the smooth and creamy taste of our products, in the natural ingredients we use, and in the beautiful and distinctive packs that carry our brand.

Plain Yogurt

For the happy and contented lovers of the simple things in life.

Mango Yogurt

For the gracious spirits that forever hold Uganda at heart.

Vanilla Yogurt

For the refined and sophisticated minds that like to be one with the world.

The Milkman range of products consists of UHT milk and flavoured yoghurts uniquely made with natural ingredients, flavours, colours, and absolutely no additives.To ensure market superiority, every product is subjected to an ultra-modern production process and high quality control standards rigorously enforced by a specialised and highly trained team of dairy experts.

Milkman products are made for everyday enjoyment and satisfaction for kids and adults alike, whether at home, at work or out and about.

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